Keep your pup safe on the road with WOpet Journey Booster Seat for dogs. Your dog is a member of the family too, so you want Fido to be completely comfortable while on-the-go. This dog car seat allows your pooch to see out the window while driving, immediately putting him at ease. It keeps your dog off your lap preventing distracted driving. When not in use, car seat for dogs folds up for easy storage. Plus, in case your copilot has an accident, the interior pad is machine washable so your pup can always be fresh and cozy.Give your dog a better view and keep their hair in one spot. Our dog car seat makes dogs feel safe and comfortable.
Adjustable straps fit most cars, vans & SUVs, there is a ring to hook the dogs harness too so it wont jump out.
Easy to install and folds flat when not in use.
Size: 15.7″L x 12.2″W x 7.8″H,fits small pets (dogs or cats) up to 20 lbs.
A zippered front compartment makes for a convenient place to store treats or toys and a padded seating area provides a comfortable ride.