1. Color: Silver

2. Overall Dimensions: 36.3″(L) x 24.2″(W) x 29.1″ (H)

3. Capicity Weight: 330lbs

4. Door Dimensions: 27.4″ H X 18.9″ W

5. Tray Dimensions: 46.9″ L X 31.5″ W

6. Space between bars: 2.4″

7. Package Size:49.61″L X 33.85″W X 7.48″H

8. Net Weight: 83.2lbs

9. Gross Weight:90lbs


1. High quality and brand new

2. Heavy duty steel frame, strong and durable

3. Equipped with four casters for easy moving and two of them are lockable to avoid accidental move

4. The grate floor and steel tray on the bottom can be slide out for easy cleaning

5. Double door design with one on top and the other in front allow for easy access

6. Front Door with two latches for easy access

7. Folds down easily, take it anywhere

8. Easy to assemble

Package include:

1 X Silver 48inch dog cage

Some install accessories.

Heavy duty steel frame, strong and durable
Overall Dimensions: 36.3″(L) x 24.2″(W) x 29.1″ (H); Door Dimensions: 19.5″ (H) x 14.2″ (W)
Equipped with a composite plastic tray for easy cleanup
Four wheels (Two lockable) for convenient portability and easy storage
For pets less than 176 lbs,Fit for dog:Afghan; Bloodhound; Doberman Pinscher; Greyhound; Otterhound; Akita ; Bouvier Des Flandres; Dogue De Bordeaux; Komondor; Rottweiler; Alaskan Malamute; Briard; German Shepherd; Kuvasz; Samoyed; Anatolian Shepherd; Bullmastiff; Giant Schnauzer; Newfoundland; Siberian Husky; Bernese Mountain Dog; Collie; Greyhound; Old English Sheepdog; Weimaraner;