Product Description
A durable shoulder pack with premium attachments and plenty of room for you and your dogs needs while out in the park, on a beautiful hike or on an everyday walk. Keep everything together for those long trips and car rides as well! Multiple Pockets: Plenty of room for dog toys, treats, food, waste disposal bags, you name it! Shoulder Strap: The all in one pattern makes this shoulder strap extra durable for everyday use. There is plenty of padding and an accompanying shoulder pocket for on-the-fly treats. The shoulder strap is fully adjustable and can detach from the base. Shoulder Pocket: Use the detachable shoulder pocket to store your phone or MP3 music player for those outings to the park or on your daily walk. Waste Disposal Bag Dispenser: Finally a convenient place for those all-important waste disposal bags! Easy-Hook Carabiner: Free up your hands by attaching your dog’s leash to the carabiner. Detachable Bowls: Two bowls that zip right from the back of your Dog Pack and can quickly be used as a water dish, food bowl or for their collection of toys! Zip away Water Bladder: Want the water without the whole pack? Detach the Water Bladder and strap it around your waist for easy travel! The water bladder is set inside a larger pouch which also zips away from the Pack ‘n Go for easy refill. The hose and easy-pour spout fit snugly onto the shoulder strap and can be removed easily for Fido’s quick drink.Satisfaction Ensured