Tapiona XL Dog Seat Cover is a premium-quality extra large pet seat cover helping keep seats clean from fur, excreta, soil from paws, etc. It’s super easy to install and remove due to adjustable buckle straps. If the cover is soiled or wet, you can easily remove it and wash in a washing machine (delicate cycle recommended).

Our luxury backseat cover has a great deal of features, such as a water-proof non-perforated PU coating and a non-slip backing which make it a perfect car seat protection for any type of vehicle. It’s can also be used at home as a sofa or a coach cover. Quilted hammock style cover for pets not only prevents car’s interiors from smudging and scratching but also allows your Furry Buddy to ride in comfort. Your pet friend won’t fall into seat floor, so you’ll be totally protected from distracting while driving.

Tapiona Luxury Pet seat cover is a premium product made of safe, quality and durable materials, including heavy-duty polyester, PU coating and silicone – you won’t have to take a picture because our cover lasts so long. Stop worrying about keeping your dog safe in a car! Our cover is a perfect solution to any pet-riding-in-a-car problems. It has a nice hammock style with padding for more comfortable sitting, handy seat anchors and locking clasps, and a non-slip silicone backing for a tighter fit.

To install the cover, simply fix the buckle straps around the backseat’s headrests, tuck the seat anchor in between bottom seats and pass seatbelt buckles through the velcro closures. And that’s just it. To turn the cover into a comfortable pet hammock, snap the bottom buckle straps around the headrests of your front seats. Our backseat pet cover has a convertible design and is suitable for all standard cars, SUVs & pickup trucks.PU COATING POLYESTER: our Truck Seat Cover For Dogs – XL Pet Seat Cover is made of quality polyester with PU coating that never gives off odor in a car. Many others use PVC polyester coating that becomes smelly in the hot weather and also has a high content of heavy metals, such as Lead and Cadmium. PVC coating starts wearing off after several days of use. A durable PU coating feels much softer and much more comfortable.
NON-SLIP BACKING: our Large Dog Hammock For Truck (for back seat) has a non-slip backing with silicon dots, so it’s always firmly fixed. It won’t ever stain your pricey leather backseats unlike PVC dots & anti-slip mesh fabrics.
LONG DOG SEAT COVER LIFE: we use stronger and denser stitching to make the pet seat cover last much longer because we know your Furry Buddy can be naughty on the go.
EASY TO CLEAN: our dog seat covers is cleanable, water and temperature resistant due to the innovative PU coating. To clean out pet hair or different types of spots and smudges, you can simply wipe the pet seat cover down with a damp cloth.
SAFETY FOR PETS AND PETS OWNERS: our pet seat cover is soft, non-slip and water-proof for your dog to sit comfortably. It has a hammock style and protects your car seats. This pet seat cover also prevents you from distracting and makes driving safer for both you and your pet friend.