High-quality car seat cover. It is extremely durable and convenient to install. The velcro seat-belt openings and nonslip backing features makes this product the perfect car seat protection for your dog. SmartDog premium car seat cover: An easy and effective way to protect your car seats from scratches, rips, hair or damages when taking your pets around.

Pet Seat Cover is made from extremely durable polyester, and there are 3 layers in the cover with a PE layer in the middle to protect your back seat from dirt, muddy claws, and wet hair.

Versatile Size and Easy to Attach , Designed to fit most cars and SUVs, the hammock seat cover for pets attaches quickly and easily. Secure it in place using the two clip-together seat anchors and the four adjustable headrest loops (two for the front seats, and two for the back seats). Two openings allow for accessing the seatbelt buckles.

Your car seat cover comes with: sleek and luxurious design, heavy-duty polyester material with extra padding for comfortableness, simple buckle straps and seat anchors for easy-installation, seat belt openings with velcro closures, and a nonslip rubber backing for a snug fit.

How to use: simply snap on the buckle straps around your back seats’ headrests, tuck in the seat anchor between your seat cushions and pull your seat belt buckles through the velcro openings. And you are all set. If you want to turn your seat cover into a hammock, simply snap the remaining buckle straps at the bottom of your cover around the front seats’ headrests.

Package Includes:
1*Quilted 3 layer Dog Car Back Seat Cover
1*Adjustable Dog Car Safety BeltNEW & IMPROVED! Reinforced Heat Resistant Straps and Sturdy Clips,Each seat cover also includes one bonus pet car seat belt.