The rural basket carrys dogs, cats, puppy, small animals, shopping stuff, picnic food and etc.
Large inner size for pets: 18 inch widest on top, 15 inch bottom x 12” Long x 13” High. Please see above dimension picture.
Carrying weight up to 25lbs. Be noted of the size and weight of your pet.
Easy to install with hanging hooks. Make sure you fasten the hooks firmly to the bike, so it won’t sway while riding the bike.
Installed in front of the bike, so that you can watch on the pets while riding.
The top is covered with grid, through which the puppys can stretch their noses or hands freely.
The grid is removeable. The basket can be used as large shopping basket, picnic basket.
The multifunctional basket is very practical, safe and goodlooking.
Bicycle Dog Carrier Basket for Puppy, Cats, Pets, Small animals Picnic Travelling
Through the grid cover, pets can stretch their noses, hands out through the grid.
Safe riding, Ecologic wicker, Removable grid cover, Easy to carry, Good looking
Remove the cover and use it as shopping basket, picnic basket. Have fun with pets
Hanging in front of the bike, so that you can watch on your puppy while riding.