Size for indoor shoes
Size—-Paw length(inches)——-Width(inches)————–Pet Weight(LB)recommended
S——-1.4-1.5(4cm)————–1.08-1.18(3cm)————-1-3(winter) 4-5(spring & summer)
M——-1.8-1.9(5cm)————–1.6-1.7(4.5cm)————-6-14(winter) 7-16(spring & summer)
L——-2.2-2.3(6cm)————–1.8-1.9(5cm)—————15-25(winter) 16-28(spring & summer)
XL——2.6-2.7(7cm)————–2.2-2.3(6cm)—————28-48(winter) 30-50(spring & summer)

Size for outdoor shoes

Size:——-Width——Length——Weight recommended

Size for dog rain boots

If your dog’s in between size , please choose the larger size. S to XL is just a standard, all sizes subject to length and width measurement details.
The indoor shoes runs smaller compared with outdoor style, Please measure your dog’s paw first before order.


1.The INDOOR dog boot soles are NOT waterproof,it’s for protecting your sofa and car seat from scratching, Not for physical activity or terrificlly active dogs.
Good for protecting paws from heat ground,hardwood or cold weather,can wear in all seasons.
2.Different from the indoor one, the OUTDOOR shoes perfect for dog’s hypaethral walks, the rubber sole is waterproof and abrasion proof.3.
Rain boots is 100% rubber made and waterproof, completely soft and provides good water-repellency.S/S=Summer & Spring , F/W=Fall & Winter, i.e., If you want boots keeping dog paws warm in cold weather,then Indoor-F/W-style could help. For some sporty activities, outdoor shoes would be a good choice,the rain boots keep pet’s paw dry in moisture seasons and insulate or prevent bacteria.
Weight recommend: Outdoor boots- S fit breeds 8-15lbs,M for 18-25lbs, L for 30-80lbs, XL for 90-120 lbs.Indoor boots- S fit breeds under 5 lbs,M for 6-15lbs, L for 18-25lbs, XL for 30-50 lbs. Rain boots-S fit breeds under 1-7lbs,M for 8-15lbs, L for 18-25lbs, XL for 30-60lbs.
Easy to put on and take off.The indoor boots is rather soft and comfy inside.Sincere rainboot and outdoor boots sole are made from rubber,your dogs will get used to this in minutes with some practices.
All material are breathable and washable.Outdoor shoes are made from weave mesh works in conjunction with structured synthetic sponge uppers and outsoles to provide protection and durability.Indoor booties comes with soft ployester and comfy cotton, which tested to be the most acceptable dog shoes. Rain boots are perfect for wet-seasons.
Here we got diversiform pet shoes that you can pick for your furfriend in all weather, please noticed that the OUTDOOR boots and RAIN boots is WATERPROOF while the INDOOR isn’t.