⋆ Does your Pet have any Health Issues, is it Too Young to be Left Alone or do You Need to Take It With You on Different Activities?

⋆ Then Our Pet Sling Carrier is the Right Solution For You!

Outstanding Quality!

  • This reversible pet sling carrier fabric (30″x17″) is 100% cotton. The grey side is thick enough for cold days, while the pink one is perfect for hot summer days, when you want to keep your pet in a cooler pouch.
  • Our double-sided pet sling carrier is not only practical, but it was also conceived as a stylish clothing item. Therefore, you can choose from the neutral grey to the pink side with white polka dots, according to your mood!

Enjoy our Unique Features!

  • We added an adjustable strap on the shoulder pad, so that your height will not be a problem. You can remove up to 5 inches from the strap’s length (total: 24″) and, unlike (circular) metal buckles, it will not hurt neither your shoulder nor your back.
  • You won’t need to take another bag with you, since the zippered pocket has plenty of room for your keys, phone or wallet.

Buy the BuddyTastic pet sling carrier and you’ll receive a useful FREE E-book!

Our e-book adresses how you can treat separation anxiety in your dog.

Take your pet anywhere with you!

Our pet sling carrier is resistant enough for pets up to 22 lbs. You can use our pet pouch in many situations that require your free hands, for example: outdoors – in a park, or hiking, while shopping, on trains, subways, in your car and even on bike rides, at work, on holidays, in parks, or while doing chores around the house.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Our pet sling carrier is backed up by our manufacturer 30 day money back guarantee with 1 year free replacement warranty.

⋆ What Are You Waiting For? Press the Buy Button and You will Have Your Pet Close to You Anytime You Want To!

✔ SPEND MORE QUALITY TIME WITH YOUR PET – The hands-free design is perfect for your busy days: our reversible pet sling carrier allows you to finish your work relaxed, while also keeping your dog/cat/puppy close to your body!
✔ ADJUST THE PET CARRIER’S STRAP WITHOUT HURTING YOUR SHOULDER – You don’t have to worry anymore about your height or about the bag’s size, since the strap can easily be adjusted before or while carrying your pet. Unlike metal buckles, our adjusting mechanism is very comfortable!
✔ NO NEED TO CARRY AN EXTRA BAG WITH YOU – We have included a zippered pocket right under the adjustable strap. You can conveniently carry anything with you on your walks with your pet, for example treats, poo bags, water, your wallet, cell phone or keys.
✔ FREE E-BOOK INCLUDED – It’s our mission to take care of your pet’s problems and also help you overcome them. Many dogs deal with anxiety from a variety of reasons. You’ll receive our well informed e-book on how to treat separation anxiety in your dog or puppy for free.
✔ VERY RESISTANT AND STURDY – Our 100% cotton-made pet carrier’s high quality makes it durable, so you don’t have to worry about its resistance. It’s also machine washable and you can easily clean it every time it gets dirty or just turn it the other side when you don’t have the time.