Rascal is an 11 month old male German Shepherd cross Ibizan Hound (Podenco). Like his brother Rebel they were born in rescue in Spain their mum was a Podenco unfortunately Rascal and his brother missed the small window they get as puppies to be rehomed because of unfortunate circumstances at the time with the rescue we help in Spain. So going to try for him now, Rascal like his brother is a very loving dog, Rascal is much more timid and not as confident as his brother so would benefit from another dog being in his forever home.

The mix he is means he will be a bright boy and would need all the training he has missed out on as a puppy – he is not used to living in a home, walking in a town etc.

He is regularly walked by the volunteers but its a very quiet existence in a Spanish village surrounded by mountains so will take him time to get used to everything new.

Because of his lovely nature he will thrive in the right home and with guidance, socialization and training will be a wonderful dog with that lovely temperament.

Rascal is neutered, fully vaccinated, chipped and has his own Pet Passport – if you feel you could be the right home for Rascal please email us for our questionnaire in the first instance.

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