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DoggyRide Novel Dog Bike Trailer, Urban Red

Let your precious pooch ride in style in the luxurious Novel dog bike trailer. This bike trailer includes many upgrades to allow your dog to ride in greater comfort and in style. The Novel has the following upgraded features: frame made of aluminum alloy rather than... read more

Dunbar Academy Gets a Make-Over

Dunbar Academy is our online dog training and behavior school and presents a more structured and curated learning experience than Dog Star Daily can provide. But it wasn’t always that way. When we started Dunbar Academy a couple of years ago, it primarily... read more

Kangapooch The Small Dog Carrier (S)

Want the best hands-free pet carrier on the market? You need a KANGAPOOCH! What makes our product unique from competition is the thought out design, combination of material, portability and fashionable utilitarian appearance. With the KANGAPOOCH you can easily pack it... read more

Sky – 5 year old male Pointer Cross

Sky is a beautiful Pointer Cross of around 5 years of age. He is currently in kennels in Spain. Sky was found seriously beaten and covered in blood and then somehow managed to survive in the kill shelter where other dogs were attacking him. Sky was at death’s door and... read more

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