Buy from a trusted brand who has been in business for 9+ years and counting. Feel comfortable that you will be able to get future support on your product.MB model has the handbrake by the rear wheel. This is a bulky item. Do your measurements before purchasing. 34 inches wide. Check doors and elevators you may be using. Works as both a stroller and a bicycle trailer for dogs up to 88lbs. Make sure to compare your pet with the interior dimensions. Not all dogs will fit.
Original shipping fee and 20% restocking fee if returned. Return shipping cost is the responsibility of the buyer. Return shipping fee is approximately $35 to $50.
Zippered rear and front entrance. Velcroed sunroof. Adjustable handlebar with hand break. Wheels set back so there is no “tipping” effect. Trailer arm swings out from underneath.
Weight: 40 lbs. Quick release, aluminum wheels (no rusting). Front wheel swivels and locks.
Dimensions: Inside: 32 L x 24 L x 21 H Please see that your pet will fit within these inside dimensions. Outside: 50 L x 34 W x 39 H