Non-Slip Pet Socks for Dogs with Anti-Slip Grips – Perfect for Hardwood Floors! These pet socks with are wonderful for your dog or puppy to look adorable while keeping their paws warm outdoor and secure indoor. Eco-friendly anti-slip silicone gel print on the soles to provide extra traction on slippery surfaces. Dogs love walking around the house, but in the winter and colder months their paws can get cold causing discomfort. Also, walking on hard smooth flooring can cause your dog to slip or use its claws to scratch the floor for traction. With these non-slip warm dog socks you can protect your hardwood floors from nail scratching and quiet down your pet’s footsteps while proviing warmth and comfort to make sure your dog is happy at all times! These socks and can also be used as comfortable and fashionable alternatives to doggy boots, booties and shoes with their classic design and durability. These durable non-slip dog socks use high quality breathable cotton fabric firmly hemmed with soft durable cloth around each rubber grip to make sure this set of 4 anti-slip warm dog socks remains unscathed regardless of how rough your dog gets while playing on hard wood and smooth flooring like tiles, bamboo, laminate, etc. To ensure the right fit please measure paw width before buying. This set of 4 non-slip warm dog socks is structured for a variety of paw sizes and is made with high quality materials and is designed to make sure your dog looks wonderful while walking around the house. These socks are also great to help prevent unwanted paw licking or scratching. Please note that the breed the weight or the size of your dog DO NOT determine the socks size. Please see sizes below for proper fit. Sizes include: – X-Small: 2.5″ long x 1.1″ wide- Small: 3″ long x 1.2″ wide- Medium: 3.5″ long x 1.4″ wide- Large: 4.3″ long x 1.6″ wide- X-Large: 5″ long x 2″ wideIMPROVE DOG TRACTION: These socks are made using the latest anti-slip grip technology that will aid your dog when walking on any type of flooring, making these the ideal dog socks for hardwood floors!
EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE: Made from the highest quality cotton, these non-slip dog socks are extremely comfortable so they’ll love to wear them!
DURABILITY: These dog socks for small to large dogs are reinforced with strong eco-friendly glued grippers to make sure that each sock will last for a long time and provide the maximum comfort for your dog.
EASY TO PUT ON: This set of 4 breathable nonslip dog socks is extremely easy to put on and take off. The top layer is tight enough to stay in place during moments of high activity, but easy enough to take off when stretched by the human hand.
LIGHTWEIGHT CONVENIENT: This set of 4 non-slip dog socks are lightweight and practical for dogs in daily basic wear making these the best dog socks for hardwood floors and for the winter time. These dog socks are also great to add protection in healing infections and control scratching and itching an infection after receiving treatment.