Luxury Liner Pet Bed Provides a soft, cozy place for your pet to rest and relax. Ideal for crates, carriers, doghouses, and other pet homes. The pet bed features a rectangular shape and fits most crates. An integrated loop on the edge of the base allows securing the bed fits to a crate or kennel, helping keep the bed in proper place.
Luxury Liner Pet Bed creates a welcoming go-to place for your pet to rest in the home, as well as away from home when to travel or spend a weekend away. The bed’s lightweight and portable design mean that it’s no trouble to take it along wherever you go. Keep your pet feeling comfortable and at ease with Liner Pet Bed –because your little buddy deserves nothing but the best.Functional deluxe cushion for dogs
Protects furniture & floors from dander, dirt and fur
designed for crates, carriers, and other pet homes
Comfortable rim for pets to rest their head on
Machine washable