Material: 100% Soft Cotton
Design for Big Dog,Such as:Labrador Retriever,Golden Retriever,German Shepherd Dog,Boxer
Please don’t choose the size by “I guess, I suppose, I think it can fit and so on”Choosing the size according to the measurement of your baby is the most suitable way.

XXL –Neck Length: 14.6″ Back Length: 14.2″, Chest Length:20.5″ 20-25lbs
3XL –Neck Length: 19.7″ Back Length: 21.6″, Chest Length:27.6″ 25-40lbs
4XL –Neck Length: 21.6″ Back Length: 23.6″, Chest Length:31″ 40-50lbs
5XL–Neck Length: 23.6″ Back Length: 25.6″, Chest Length:35.4″ 50-60lbs
6XL –Neck Length: 25.6″ Back Length: 27.6″, Chest Length:39.4″ 60-80lbs

Please chocie via measurement, Image show the methods of measurement
*Please make sure to measure your dog for accurate sizing before purchasing to ensure the perfect fit.

Your baby usually wears size XXL doesn’t mean all size XXL will fit him/her.

You looked at one size chart and found that your dog is a size XXL. But that doesn’t mean he/she is a size XXL for all the clothes. Different designers and manufacturers use their own size charts. So the measurements given in a size XXL by manufacturer “A” will be a size XS in manufacturer B’s size chart. Don’t buy a particular size because that is what you always buy in a pet shop or online store. Always look at the size chart for chest girth and length and confirm the size before you commit to buy.

If any of the measurements are ‘between’ two sizes, choose the larger size.Design for Big Dog,Such as:Labrador Retriever,Golden Retriever,German Shepherd Dog,Boxer,other