Travel with your pet of using LePet Dog Seat Cover Let your dogs enjoy family trips but keep your back seat clean and spotless. The LePet dog hammock easily unfolds and attaches to the back seat, where your pets can enjoy a great time on the way to parks, trails, and beaches. Its multi-layer, waterproof, and stain-proof construction means your vehicle stays clean and odor-free.Waterproof pet seat cover 54″ x 58″ to keep your car LEATHER and UPHOLSTERY from claws, paws, spills, hair and dander while your pets take car rides.
LePet dog seat covers for cars made with high quality waterproof oxford fabric for durability and comfortability, protecting your car backseat perfectly from water, drink, spill, milk moisture etc. Retaining its shape and provides enough thick resistance against dog’s nails/paws.
Stain-proof Pet Seat Covers: Seat belt buckles opening and Velcro closure for it can prevent dogs, pets, or humans mess up backseat leather from crumbs of cereal, snacks, fruit, dander, dirt etc.
DOG BACK SEAT HAMMOCK style not only protects the back seat but it also protects the backs of the front seat and the center console
Very Easy To Install. Just Snap the Buckle Straps Around Your Headrests and Tuck In The Seat Anchors.Very Easy to Clean – Machine Washable: Use Gentle Cycle