A very small female cross of Lakeland Terrier cross Jack Russell Terrier. Adorably cute and cuddly. Good with all dogs. Walks calmly on lead. Loves children. Would therefore go very very happily with a family with children or grandchildren of seven and up. She will play and chase toys. She comes to us due to a housing problem. She has been in the same home since 8 weeks of age. Her favourite pose is the ‘MEERKAT POSE’ which she assumes if watching TV or requiring a tummy scratch. She has never lived with a cat.

Laycie is is a calming relaxing dog, placid and laid back. However she is chasing a bee in the garden at the moment. Her likes are, treats for a sit, watching TV, going for a walk, playing with the children. She approaches strange children easily for a fuss and a game. Last but not least, a LAP. Here is Laycie enjoying a game of Tug with Skip male three yrs, also available. And from the same home.

Can Laycie find a home with you? She will require spaying at the right time. She is also crate trained and will open the door herself and enter at bedtime or when you go out, if required. A voucher is possible to be used for our vet. I don’t think there will be any regrets about this girl coming home with you. Please make an orderly queue.

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