Holly is a 12 month old black and white Collie and Luca is a 5 month old red and white Collie. They are both happy, friendly dogs who may be shy with new people. They were both very timid but have rapidly become happy to greet any visitors to their foster home. Luca is very laid back and loves to introduce himself to new dogs and play. Holly is a very clever young collie who needs loads of love and attention.

They have bonded to become firm friends so we would like for them to find a home together if possible. They love going for walks and playing with toys and each other. They are quiet, well behaved youngsters who love being lapdogs. They will need somebody familiar with Collies and plenty of time to spend with them as they love being with people and need to continue to build confidence in new situations.

They could live with older children as they are both very gentle and loving but will take time to settle quietly in to a new home. A large garden where they can play would be ideal. They are both chipped and vaccinated and Holly is booked in to be spayed. They have not been cat checked but this could be arranged.

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