About the product
Color: Gold, Grey, White and Black
Material: faux fur and cotton
Adjustable stickers
Type : Wig costume
Suitable pet : Cat (not fit large cat)
Features :This Lion wig costume is simply amazing and attractive for your cat to wear which would bring smile on your face. This cheap and cute accessory is very comfortable and never causes irritation for your kitten. You can use these Lion Mane Wigs during party as well as festival costume such as Christmas and Halloween. It comes in various adjustable sizes like xl and xxl to suit both little and big cats. It is washable and light-weighted. It can be used conveniently for your pet animal during travel or for holiday photo shoots. You will like it when your cat’s lion look becomes the center of attraction for all. You can gift it to your loved ones. Wrap it and present when and where needed for your family and friends who grow cats. These Lion Mane Wigs in various shades out of which orange is very attractive. It will be eye catchy to watch your pet wag its tail while wearing this costume. This lion costume would steal the show while you take your pet outside to vet or to trainers at training center. The way this wig fits your cat, it would resemble more like the hair of Marge Simpson. These lion mane clothes are much better than sweaters, vest, jacket, shirt or t-shirt. You can choose this costume as per your pet type and your needs. The prime motto of this wig is to make your cat hilarious and attractive to look.
Package include : 1 x wig☞ Perfect Circumference: It is designed to fit your little cat’s neck circumference from 9 to 10 inches (25 to 30 cm)
☞ Cozy Fabric Material: faux fur and cotton; 100% brand new and better quality than any other sellers.
☞ Smooth soft, durable and washable; Simply wash with warm water and mild soap then air dry.
☞ Must-have gift for your pet during travel, cosplay party or holiday photo shoots; Also keep warm in winter. Lion Wigs will blend completely with your pet’s fur shade and you would love the look.
☞Different light, at different times, the color will be a little difference, the color that exactly like a lion’s mane color!