Pet Shoes are great for protecting the tender pads from hot road surfaces or snowy grounds, keeping the house clean even after walking your pet in rainy weathers and on muddy grounds.
During the winter shoes can protect their paws from harsh salt on the roads and sidewalks. During the summer the shoes can protect their paws from hot sidewalks, streets, and asphalt.

1, Convenience velcros straps keep shoes on through all the activities.
2, Reflective lines enhance visibility all the night.
3, Ergonomic shape, maximize the comfort and support your dog’s paws need.
4, For cleaning, the dog shoe are hand washable and dried naturally in the air.
5, Expandable closing system with velcros make them easy and quick to put the shoes on and off.
6, Flexible lug design and grooved soles gives your dog better control and protect paws from the cold weather.
7, Waterproof durable dog boots is sturdy, flexible, skid-resistant and allows the boots to be used indoors or outdoors, in wet and dry, hot and cold conditions.

Your dog may begin to walk funny or even prance at first, but do not worry this is a completely normal reaction as your four dog gets use to their new boots.
1, Place the paw on a piece of paper and press down on the top, mimicking how the paw spreads when the dog is walking.
2, Mark the left and right sides on the paper and measure the distance between the marks.
3, Choose size according to width is better, the width of the paw should be smaller than the boot size chart.
4, The size is the inside size of the boots, not boots size outside, In between size, please choose the larger size.Size 8: (3.16 x 2.80 Inches). Please measure your dog’s paw for best fit. Boots extend beyond aole to aecure placement and ensure the booties stay on. Each set includes all 4 boots and 4 matched socks. Socks color: red / grey, by random.
High Quality Material and Reflective Velcro Straps provides visibility and safety at night, waterproof material keeps your dog’s paws dry in rain or snow.
Easy to put on and take off as the shoe expands to put on and the two adjustable and reflective velcro straps to ensure a tight fit.
Flexible Lug Design and Grooved Anti-slip Soles gives your dog better control and protect paws from the cold weather or hot roads.
Will keep your dog’s paws dry, clean and safe with protection from snow, hot asphalt, sharp objects and wet surfaces. No more wiping muddy or sandy paws after the rain or snow.