The sunglasses not only can blocking ultraviolet light, but also protect the dog’s eyes from the sand or other things

Best for those suffering from eye diseases or photophobia,it also has anti-fog function

Various colors are available to choose,change a new look for your dog

Mult-funciton design, total protection against UV, wind, water, & debris

Wider nose bridge, deeper lens cup, & sturdier frames

Shatterproof lens, Anti-fog is available

Foam cushioned frame

Adjustable head and chin straps

Effectively resist the harmful radiation, UV400, ultraviolet, visible light, and infrared

Material: Polycarbonate


frame height 45mm

frame inside width 138mm

nose spacing 28mm

lens width 50mm

frame outside width 141mm (the glasses for middle dogs)

What’s in the box:
1 x Pet Sun GlassesSize: Medium.Suitable for Dalmation,Border Collie etc
Shatterproof and Anti-fog lens
UV Protection.And protection from fire, debris, dust and wind
Adjustable elastic head and chin straps