Dahlia is a small cross-breed girl of around 5 years old. She is currently in foster care in Great Yarmouth but has spent the last few years in a public shelter in Romania which has knocked her confidence quite a lot. She has many old scars from attacks in the past and now really would like a quiet life with no more looking over her shoulder.

Dahlia is currently living with five other dogs in her foster home and although she is initially quite weary when she realises they are not looking to fight with her she does absorb comfort and confidence from them. A home with a confident dog companion would suit her well.

Dahlia has had an awful lot to get used to in her short time here and she is advancing bravely every day. She now walks well on a lead though may still panic when passing people or on hearing loud noises but again she is improving daily and in no time at all her fears will be a thing of her past.

For a dog that has not had an easy life…who has known hardship and worry….who has had pups and almost certainly stood by helplessly and watched them die….all we ask for her now is some love, peace, safety and happiness.
If you are interested please see our ‘About Us’ tab below for details. Please also use Dahlia’s rescue’s reference FR039 when contacting.

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