Size Information(Reference Only)
XS-Chest Girth=11-17.7″/28-45cm, Neck Girth=7.9-10.9″/20-28cm, Back Length=8.3″/21cm
S-Chest Girth=13.6-22.6″/35-58, Neck Girth=11-14.9″/28-38cm, Back Length=9.8″/25cm
M-Chest Girth=15.4-24″/39-61cm, Neck Girth=11.8-17.3″/30-44, Back Length=12.2″/31cm
L-Chest Girth=17.7-31.1″/45-79cm, Neck Girth=14.2-18.1″/36-46cm, Back Length=13.8″/35cm
XL-Chest Girth=19.3-33.5″/49-85cm, Neck Girth=14.5-22″/37-56cm, Back Length=15.3″/39cm
2XL-Chest Girth=24.8-34.6″/63-88cm, Neck Girth=21.6-29.1″/55-74cm, Back Length=20.8″/53cm
3XL-Chest Girth=27-44.8″/69-114cm, Neck Girth=24.8-32.6″/63-83cm, Back Length=22″/57cm
4XL-Chest Girth=31-54.7″/79-139cm, Neck Girth=35-41.7″/90-106cm, Back Length=29.1″/74cm

Please check the size chart or consult with us before placing order. Ensure sufficient room to slip two fingers between the measure tape
and the dog’s neck and chest girth.

Exquisite workmanship
It is has high quality and durability. Every needle and line,uniform and particular, complies with rigid manufacturing standard.
Besides, as for pullover design, it is very convenient to put on and take off. In the meantime, it will avoid clamping pet’s fur or hurting him or her.

Reflective Lining
Reflective lining is highly visible near street lights or head lights ensuring your pets safety.

Water Resistant
No one wants to get wet during the cold weather, which is the dog coat water resistant. It helps your dog away from
the wetness and keep your dog dry and warmCOLD WEATHER DOG COAT: Keep your dog warm and cozy with the overcoat, classic designed cold-weather jacket. It is constructed with sturdy, durable and breathable materials.
SIZE NOTE – Dog vest is available in 8 sizes. Please measure your dog before purchasing to ensure the perfect fit.Your baby usually wears size S doesn’t mean all size S will fit him/herIf any of the measurements are between two sizes, please choose the large size.
DESIGN CREATIVE: Exquisite stitching,Easy Velcro Closure, Easily put on and take off. comfortable belly part, warm fleece Lining.
WATERPROOF WINTER COAT: Dog cold weather coat is waterproof with a soft fleece lining so it will keep your dog cozy and dry while out in the rain, wind and snow.
REVERSIBLE & REFLECTIVE: Reversible dog coat in colorful will keep warm and cozy throughout those chilly fall months, and it’s also the perfect dog winter coat