Have a pet pup who loves to tag along for rides in the car, while you dread the prospect? Tired of cleaning up after your dog? Fear no more! This rear carseat cover by Woofiy is here to the rescue. Simply place this seat cover over the backseat of your car, fasten the buckles around the backseat headrests, and then slip the seat belts through the looped openings.

The non-slip rubber backing keeps this seat cover securely in place, even when your dog moves. Now you can say goodbye to strands of pet hair or fur, mud stains, wet spots, rips, tears, and snags. No more laborious cleaning after your pet! No longer do you have to worry about any damage to the interior upholstery of your vehicle, as this seat cover effectively protects it.

• 100% Waterproof Polyester
• Headrest Straps
• Velcro Seat Belt Openings
• Non Slip Backings
• Scratch-proof
• Slip-proof
• Spill-proof
• Stain-proof
• Sleek & Luxurious


Made of premium quality polyester, this seat cover is soft to the touch and triple padded to ensure maximum comfort for your dog. He or she will enjoy lounging around and lying on this seat cover while you run errands and during longer road trips alike. While strong and durable to last season after season, through steamy hot summers and stormy, snowy winters alike, this seat cover also feels luxurious to your pet. Your puppy will feel like he or she is floating over a cloud or lying on a lavish mattress when sitting on this seat cover during car rides.


Any pet owner will appreciate this protective cover in their vehicle, while their pets will love it because it’s super soft and comfortable. It also converts into a hammock by fastening the spare buckles onto the front headrests. We recommend keeping one of these seat covers in the trunk or under car seats, as it always comes in handy.PROTECT YOUR CAR SEAT: Do you love driving with your pet pal, but dread dealing with the shedded hair and dander, mud, wet spots, and other damages left behind? Fear no more!
EASY TO USE: Simple snap the buckle straps around the back seat headrests, tuck in the seat anchor between the seat cushions, and pull the seatbelt buckles through the Velcro opening.
ONE SIZE FITS MOST: At 54 x 58 inches, this cover fits most standard vehicles and also converts into a hammock by securing the remaining buckle straps around the front headrests.
BUILT TO LAST: Made of heavy duty polyester with all resistant Oxford fabric, this is designed to withstand wear and tear. Triple-layered and waterproof, it resists scratches, spills, and stains.
COMFORT AND LUXURY: Plush, triple-layered padding allows your pup to lounge comfortably, while the non-slip rubber backing stays securely in place, even as your dog moves.