A great way to show your pet that you care with Caddies comfortable Duvet cover. Fill it with a familiar items like old clothes or pillows. The familiar scent will have a calming effect for your pet to rest while your gone. This be a great place for them to relax. With the durable and easy zipper design you’ll appreciate the ease of cleaning and maintenance whether its used inside or outDIY Fun Fill with Your Own Pet Bed. Old Clothes and Pillows work Great
Create a Familiar Scent for a Calming effect while your away for a Happy Pet.
Great for Outdoors, on the Patio. Durable, Machine Washable, Easy Zipper access,
Durable, Machine Washable, Easy Zipper access, Buy 2 and have one available while the other is in waiting for a wash
Makes it ECO friendly. Add Cedar, popcorn, pillows, or old clothes are great as stuffing. Makes it ECO friendly to