Photo of Alfie the Entlebucher and his human puppyRoo it’s Alfie here behind the keyboard. Remember how my humans got me a human puppy to play with a while back? ‘He’ll be fun‘, they said. ‘He’ll play with you‘ they said. Bah, he was so tiny when he arrived he couldn’t even move by himself for the first six months! But recently he’s been a lot more fun. He learned to walk last autumn, and since then I’ve gradually stepped up his training and taught him how to play tug and fetch. He’s also a natural when it comes to mischief, so we’re having lots of fun now he’s mobile.

This week we’ve had one of my human grandmothers, ‘Oma’, visiting and it’s been totally pawsome. I like her so much that I’m waiting outside the guest room every morning and I push my nose really close to the gap underneath the door so I can smell the second she wakes up.  Yesterday my human pup saw me waiting there, and he quickly toddled over and opened the door for me so I could sneak in and surprise her. It was so pawsome! I’ve been training the pup on all things mischief for what feels like forever, but this was the first time we did real team work together! I can smell exciting times ahead! *waggy tail*

All this mischief training with the human pup has reminded me of my puppy years when I worked really hard on training my older humans. I wrote my diary every week back then, and developed several systems for getting away with mischief and training the humans to do my bidding. Looking back at the stories I think they could come in handy for my human pup (and other human and doggie pups) as they grow up and need inspiration- and I’ve decided to put them all in a book.  I’ll work on it some more and let you know when it’s done *waggy tail*

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