Archie is a sweet, affectionate little Jack Russel Terrier Cross chap looking for his forever home. Archie spent nearly 6 years on a chain prior to coming into rescue which has affected him in some respects. He has a prey drive as many Terriers do and therefore cannot be homed with small furries such as cats. Due to his past, Archie is quite anxious around other dogs and therefore must be homed as an only dog and avoid other dogs on walks. He is not overly reactive to them at a distance but mustn’t get too close to other dogs.

If you are a child free, pet free home please don’t be put off by Archie’s needs to be kept away from other animals. In return, he is so loving. Archie will spend his days being the most wonderful companion. All he wants is kisses and belly rubs and adores people. We are looking for a home that is in a quiet location maybe rural or semi rural to avoid the hustle and bustle of other dog walkers and a home with a good sized secure garden.

His ideal home will be with someone that understands the need to keep Archie away from other dog walkers and is able to do so in their location, as we all know the general public can’t always be relied on to keep their dogs from running over.

Archie is vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. He currently fosters in the Scottish highlands although for his ideal home, he can be transported anywhere in the UK

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