The dog kennel waterproof roof cover/sun block top is a PE material with reinforced aluminum grommets. The roof cover/sun block top provides shade and rain protection to help keep your pet cooler and reduces the temperature inside the dog kennel. Zip ties are included to secure it to the kennel. You can also use this roof covers / sun block tops for sidewalls. This will help protect your pet from harsh winds, snow, sun, or rain. Features: Great covers for for Dog Schools, Dog Shows, Dog Training, Dog Clubs, Dog Events. Dogs can avoid the discomfort of direct sun or rain while still enjoying being in the kennel. Ideal for individual dog owners or commercial kennels. Designed for maximum care and comfort for pet. Aluminum Grommets for easy attachment. Will not rot, mildew, or permit growth of fungus. The PE Cover is designed specifically to keep animals cool and comfortable by providing shade and rain protection. Content: Dog Kennel Waterproof Roof Cover w/ Aluminum Grommets. Zip ties included to secure cover to the kennel. Works perfect for 8×8 feet dog kennels. Fabric Size: 8×10 feet. Color: Green.Heavy-duty waterproof cover protects your outdoor pet from sun, wind, snow, and rain. Frame is not included.
Waterproof Kennel Roof Cover to help keep your pet comfortable at all times.
Reduces temperature, fits most kennels with the same or similar dimensions as the fabric
Installs fast and easily using included zip ties. Material: PE. Weight: 165 grams per square meter.
Fabric Size: 8×10 feet. Works perfect for 8×8 feet dog kennels. Color: Green