Product Information:

The dog kennel shade cover / sun block top is a woven UV treated with reinforced Aluminum grommets. The shade cover / sun block top provides shade to help keep your pet cooler and reduces the temperature inside the dog kennel by up to 15°. Zip ties are included to secure it to the kennel.

Sidewalls for Dog Kennels:

You can also use shade covers / sun block tops for sidewalls. This will help protect your pet from harsh winds, snow or sun.


• Great covers for for Dog Schools, Dog Shows, Dog Training, Dog Clubs, Dog Events.

• Dogs can avoid the the discomfort of direct sun while still enjoying good air circulation

• Ideal for individual dog owners or commercial kennels

• Designed for maximum care and comfort for pet

• Aluminum Grommets for easy attachment

• Will not rot, mildew, or permit growth of fungus

• The Woven Polyethylene Cover is designed specifically to keep animals cool by providing shade without restricting airflow.


• Dog Kennel Shade Cover w/ Aluminum Grommets

• Zip ties included to secure cover to the kennel.

• Size: 6 x 12 Feet

• Color: Dark GreenHeavy-duty cover protects your outdoor pet from sun, wind, snow, and rain