Introducing the Stylish Option for Toting Your Pet around This Holiday

Are you tired of constantly moving your-not so fond of traveling-fluffy friend against his/her will? Looking for the best carrier for your pet’s in-cabin travel?

Your quest for the best pet carrier is finally over!

Discover How You And Your Furry Friend Can Travel Hassle-Free With TailHouse Pet Carrier

Our pet travel bag is ideal for those who want to bring their four-leg pal on their flight.

Holding pets up to 14lbs, it is the largest airline-approved pet carrier; comply with Southwest Airlines Pet Carrier, JetBlue Pet Carrier, American Airlines Pet Carrier, Delta Pet Carrier Virgin, Frontier, Allegiant, United, Alaska etc. This means that if your pet cannot fit in it, it is too big to travel in cabin. Your attention, please: You are always advice to check with your airline and measure the size of your pet before buying.

With an extra pocket and a special luggage strap, our carrier allows you to carry emergency items and treats, as well as securely attach it to the handle/trolley of your suitcase.

Still Not Convinced? Here Are Some Top Reasons For Choosing TailHouse Pet Carrier

• This travel purse features a removable fleece pad, so your little furry friend has cozy place to sleep, while on the way.
• Its adjustable padded shoulder strap and hand carry handle make it easy to carry around.
• The tag holder on the strap allows you to personalize it and rest assured that you will find it, in case it gets lost.
• Our animal carrier features a breathable mesh for proper ventilation. Its lockable zipper and seat belt buckling make it extra secure for your pet, it is ideal for car trips.
• Foldable, lightweight & compact, it can be stored easily.

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SPOIL YOUR PET WITH THIS LUXURY TRAVEL CRATE: Our portable pet carrier for small dog, cat, puppy or rabbit promises maximum comfort and owner convenience. This travel kennel with fleece pad features a lockable zipper, a breathable mesh and a seat belt buckling.
LARGEST SAFEST AIRLINE APPROVED PET CARRIER fits under your seat in the airplane. Our 17.5 L x 9.5 W x 11 H travel bag can comfortably fit small-sized animals up to 14lb and meets the requirements of most airline companies. Has a pet collar leash to prevent escaping and a strap to attach it to a rolling luggage.
FINALLY AN EXTRA DURABLE PET CARRIER YOU CAN TRUST: Our pet travel bag is made of the highest quality waterproof OXFORD 900D Nylon Fabric and specially manufactured to last for many years of intensive use.
TRAVEL WITH YOUR FURRY FRIEND IN STYLE: This pet carrier beats the competition not only in terms of practicality, but also in terms of style. Get in on the fashion by purchasing our bright coral pink bag.
EXCLUSIVE MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE FOR YOUR PEACE OF MIND: We’re confident that our carrier bag will come up to your expectations and meet all your pet travel needs. If your pet doesn’t fit in our bag, send it back and you’ll be issued a full refund of your purchase.